The hippest venue emerging everything from French Bulldogs, to bold fashion statements and over-the-top gyms where fitness become flex and modish, Shoreditch is one of the most-followed destinations in Britain. If you’re a newbie to the hip neighbourhood of Hoxton or an old soul that want to relive the urban art spaces, hidden speakeasies, rooftops, pop-ups, and underground dens, the city rest assured that you would be raving soon in Shoreditch after exploring its scenic views. Even so, the pubs in Shoreditch high street are known as the most refreshing escape to boredom in the city. Do you also want to go sightseeing the exotic places to get high in East London? Join the tribe here.

Old Street RecordsEast London

A bustling but tip-top venue in east London that gather the general public for playing salubrious music all the way. Having bizarre cocktails and authentic Italian pizzas always on the go, it’s inevitable menu just taste great. Here enjoy everything from EP launches to new bands and well-versed acts that will be most probably featured from individual bar group, Rocket Leisure. Head downstairs to its basement to experience the intimate jazz nights coupled with varied drink goodness that is served alongside the line-ups.

Nightjar– Shoreditch, Shoreditch

Alright, the terrific concept behind “Nightjar” is conceived as an antidote to overcrowded West End bars and flashy nightclubs. It’s because it aspires to be a unique destination to consume sweet drinks, linger, and relax. It further entices the customers with a vibrant and distinctive live music style. Before you enter into this space, make up your mind to get stunned by a 1920’s scene of candlelit tables, glorious tin cup cocktails, and the magical seating that makes you forget all your despairs in a jiffy. There’s one thing exceptional about Nightjar. It runs on fully seated table service, so there is a no standing policy or seating at the bar.

Trapeze-East London, Shoreditch

Located at the heart of London’s hip neighbourhood, Trapeze adds up to the trendiest city grand scene. You and your enthusiastic gang will settle beneath hanging trapeze bars in carousel booths adoring the clown costume and multi-coloured sparkling disco ball. Split over the three spacious floors; this venue is best for conducting private parties, breathtaking cocktails, and an imperial American diner-style menu. It has a much-improved nightlife scene, and it’s truly a fun night out at Trapeze.


Found is preferred to sense the addictive vibes all night long that penetrate immediately into your bloodstream as you set your foot in. Well, it’s a speakeasy cocktail bar that’s present beneath Casita on Ravey Street. Don’t panic if its crowd exhibits a bit “Hush Hush” because that’s quite the nature of this bar, and besides; everyone is used to of it. Everything functions at a mystically fast pace at this place, even when you pop your head through the velvet curtain before heading down, you won’t be knowing what has happened with you. Down there exclaim “cheers” for an old-fashioned cocktail joint and set your posture choice between both sitting and standing options. Found is an incredibly charming spot about the cocktails- offering a masterfully-composed menu of just twelve cocktails (including house drinks and twists.)

The Corner Shop-Shoreditch High St

Add this East London’s best cocktail bar to the top of your wish list. But why? It’s the flattering one you might never find in Shoreditch. It hosts every sort of entertainment a club freak desire. This full-time functional party bar is an ultimate fun venue in Shoreditch for snuggling up with your lost friend, enjoying exquisite cocktails of the great variety as it has rightly ascended the bar of South American themed pubs in Shoreditch high street. The Corner Shop irresistible clubbing scene and eccentric cocktail drinks make it a fanciful Shoreditch package. There’s an enduring list of beverages, an enormous selection of bar snacks, and well-bookable tables. Moreover, encouraging comedy, live sport and gigs, and offering appetizing lunch or dinner fabricate this place as all-in-one Shoreditch unique persona. Book a table in advance to reserve a perfect night.

These delightful points seem pretty fitting to the hip genre of Shoreditch.