Live American Football

Live American Football

As a sports bar, we understand the significance of showcasing a diverse range of sporting events. Alongside live football and rugby, we’re proud to bring you the electrifying world of American Football. Yes, you heard that right! We cater to all sports lovers, including those who can’t get enough of the hard-hitting action on the American gridiron.

When it’s game time for American Football, our screens come alive with live broadcasts of thrilling matches. The Cornershop ensures that you never miss a moment of the intense action, touchdowns, and spectacular plays. We go the extra mile to keep you informed, with all our upcoming live American Football listings available on our sports events page. Check it out and mark your calendar for an unforgettable sporting spectacle.

Welcome to The Cornershop

The Cornershop is based in central Shoreditch, a vibrant, sociable location that is increasingly popular. The Cornershop offers you a place to eat, drink, socialise and most importantly, watch the top sporting events. From football to Rugby, we cater for all major events, giving you the place to relax and celebrate whilst cheering on your favourite athletes and games. The Cornershop has it all, a triple threat in hospitality – food, drink and sports, name a better combo.

Your very own sports bar to watch American Football in Shoreditch

You may think Sports Bar and think football, but, did you know we play American Football – Live! American Football is very popular in the City and here in Shoreditch so it is only right that we provide access to this sport at the Cornershop. Sporting events are often highly sought after, we advertise ahead of time so be sure to book your game of choice on our booking page.

And let’s not forget about our cutting-edge technology – 5 flat-screen HD TVs on the ground floor and an additional 3 in the basement. Our setup is designed to offer you the best possible view of the action, making The Cornershop the perfect place to immerse yourself in live American Football.

Live American Football to suit your taste

American Football is very popular and widely celebrated across the City, we offer American Football games to ensure we suit everyone’s taste in sport, showing a wide variety of games and leagues. The Cornershop celebrates all the major sporting events, American Football Live just being one of them.

So, if you’re in search of a live sports bar that caters to your love for live American Football, look no further than The Cornershop Bar. Our dedication to providing a dynamic and inclusive sports viewing experience sets us apart as the go-to spot for sports enthusiasts in the city.

Check our what’s on page to explore the options.


We do not like to disappoint anyone and so we have a booking system in place, and advertise all sport fixtures as soon as they are announced. Be sure to book in advance to make sure you’ve got a hot spot because they will go fast! We offer packages when booking your spot to make the experience even more enticing, find out more on our booking page.