Venue Hire

Up to 60 seats

Up to 150 standing


The Cornershop can be hired for private events, with two rooms to choose from, each offering the same level of luxury and class. The Cornershop is a fun, hoppin, vibrant bar with live music, great food and divine cocktails ready for you to party your night away with those closest to you. The venue can be hired for any private event so you can provide your nearest and dearest with a night to remember.

Venue Hire in London at The Cornershop Bar

Hiring a venue in London can seem like a big task but being able to hire the venue at the Cornershop Bar makes it so much easier. The reason is simple, all your needs are catered to in one building, food, drink and entertainment are all included in the package. On top of that, the location is in the ever popular location of Shoreditch meaning you are in a hot spot of the city. The Cornershop has it all, it is aesthetically pleasing, vibrant, fun and the package on offer can meet all the needs of you and your guests.

Private Venue Hire in Shoreditch

The Cornershop is situated in Shoreditch, a fun, vibrant and popular location. Being in such a sought after location can sometimes mean dreaded queues but, here at the Cornershop we offer private venue hire. This is the perfect way to be in the hearty location of Shoreditch but avoiding the hustle and bustle of queues, with our venue hire comes all the additions that you need to make the most of your night, food, drink, music, all in one spot!

Your very own exclusive hire venue in London

Hiring a venue could not be easier than hiring the Cornershop, it is an exclusive venue offering luxury throughout. The vibe of the Cornershop is fun and hoppin with all the extras, you can party the night away with people of your choice when exclusively hiring this venue. The venue offers it all, cocktails, food and live music, all in one place and in the centre of Shoreditch, what a treat!

Party Venue Hire

Who doesn’t love a party? We all do right? The only thing better than attending a party, is hosting one. At the Cornershop you can exclusively hire your own party venue! Once you’ve made the booking, the only thing you need to worry about is the guest list. The Cornershop has everything else, the food, drinks, music and the vibe. The Cornershop in Shoreditch is the perfect spot for a party venue hire, we have two rooms to choose from depending on the size of your party, both offering the same fun, luxurious experience.

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