Apart from the hilarious nightlife in Shoreditch, this district lying at the East End of London, allowing heavy traffic flow into classy sports pubs, creating the liveliest places to watch a Rugby match on the big screen. In general, the tradition of watching Live Rugby on your TV has become old fashioned, and people who are tight on their budget and don’t want to take a pass on having a delightful Rugby night with their friends, this guide is for them.

For the real Rugby-mad fans, how to make it for this pitiful situation? Overnight, it’s nearly impossible to change fate, but being present in our optimum chill space, you can enjoy the fancy watching out here. When you get a little chaotic over “The Corner Shop” sports pub service, just bring together all the options you have in your mind. However, the best option could not be better than the one that makes you sit at the nearest rugby pubs or sports bars to catch the best of the leather egg-chasing action.

If you’re UK-based, allow yourself to catch the match on the big screen with a sip of canonical classics to obscure tiki drinks, and a munch full of some crispy and crunchy snacks will give your taste buds a treat. Here we’re providing you with the names of some of the top-rated sports pubs in London where the fans get together to support their mutual interest.


  • The Alma



The British Victorian pub, hotel, and restaurant is an impressive landmark located in the heart of Wandsworth Town. Be seated comfortably in the place that has a history of maintaining Rugby legacy for several years. Its employees estimated back then that Rugby runs through their veins, and this is the sole reason why they don’t want any die-hard Ruby fan to miss out on any suspenseful action. Inside the cosy pub are barstools, tables close to the windows, all of these apparatus makes it an effortless stare for people available there for big matches. Last but not least, the Alma attracts fans eager to sample Sambrook’s Wandle, Wells Bombardier, or something from the regular Young’s range.

  • Belushi’s

     Borough and London Bridge


Belushi’s is the best place to watch 2019 Rugby World Cup for the eternal love of huge screening space and the top fact that they entertain you in all kinds of games, even the ones at unsociable hours. Alongside they offer tempting drinks, comedy nights, sports events, and extra entertainment. Their timeless drink list draws a massive crowd of local workers, students, and backpackers out of which continental lagers and a few well-known wines are the effective liquors. Discovering their divine food menu, so they mostly like to serve a tray of hot dogs, nachos, quesadillas, BBQ racks of ribs, wings, tacos, and traditional fish and whatnot.


  • The Corner Shop

    Shoreditch High Street


Being the centre of attraction at Shoreditch High Street, we “The Corner Shop” claims to be the most famous rugby pub in the field of sports pubs in Shoreditch. We have a revolutionary record of hosting the most lively sports and comedy gigs. Our relaxed bar is perfect for attracting a fair few loyal supporters for a pre- or post-match pint, as well as those who’ve missed out on match-day tickets- soak in some serious sports atmosphere at our end. We even have private screening rooms if you and your mates are looking forward to screaming at the top of their throats on a particular action. Bottomless cocktails, HD screens, and a banging brunch menu? What else you wish for along the screening of your most-awaited match?


  • The Cabbage Patch



Nonetheless, various excellent options exist; this world’s famous rugby has fixed its own “Wow” charm. Associated with Sky Sports and BT Sport channels, an array of rugby history, and an outdoor bar open on inter-national rugby days, The Cabbage Patch deems to satisfy the audience with the ultimate Twickenham match day experience. It doesn’t’ matter whether you’ve got a ticket for the big game or not. Convert a post-match pint with them. Also, before the screening, activate its on-the-bar mode so that you can have enough delicious servings on your side table with a lovely combo of seasonal international wines. All these match site attractions make your sporty journey even more special.



  • 5.     Draft House

   Tower Hill


Draft House pub keeps you up to date regarding all the screening matches during the World Cup, but here to unveil the remarkable experience, try booking ahead for a spot in front of the Seething Lane branch’s ‘monster screen.’ Overall there are five branches, and each one of them focuses on serving good gastropub food and a commendable variety of beer over the past twenty years. It entirely behaves genuine. How? Staffed by people who praise their job, overloaded with exciting stuff, play rocking tunes, and is always surrounded by dynamic people from all over the world.

Win over one over the extensive sports pub options and kick off your match screening in style!